Andrews University
Berrien Springs, Michigan
Ph.D. in Leadership
August 2007
Dissertation: An Evaluation of Performance as it Relates to Leadership Training in the United States Coast Guard

Naval War College
Newport, RI
M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies
Joint Professional Military Education (Phase II)
estimated June 2019

National Defense University
Washington, DC
M.S in Government Information Leadership
(Chief Information Officer Concentration)
June 2015

Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana
M.S. in Industrial Engineering
May 2009
Research: Aircraft Taxi Networks

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Daytona Beach, Florida
MBA in Aviation
April 2002
Research: Aviation Supply Material Forecast that Accompanies a Forty Percent Increase in Maintained Aircraft at United States Coast Guard Air Station Detroit

California State Polytechnic University
Pomona, California
B.S in Biotechnology
June 1995

National Defense University
Washington, DC
Chief Information Officer Certificate
March 2013

Air War College (Air Command and Staff College)
Maxwell, AL
Joint Professional Military Education (Phase I)
January 2016


Long, C. (2019). President Trump Needs to Stop the Acts of Corruption in the Republic of Indonesia. In N. Kristof Republic of Indonesia Fall 2018 Compendium (pp. 106-120) [pdf]

Long, C. (2017). The United States Coard Guard Firehouse Staffing Analysis. MODSIM World 2017 Proceedings. Paper Presented at the MODSIM World 2017 Conference. [pdf]

Long, C. (2013). The Performance Impact of Leadership Training: An Empirical Study on the United States Coast Guard. In K. Backhaus The Eastern Academy of Management Proceedings. Paper presented at The 50th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management, May 8-11 (pp. 1159 - 1187). Baltimore, MD. [pdf] ISBN 978-0-9836282-4-8



Fall 1990
CHM111 General Chemistry I
CHM151 General Chemistry Lab
MAT106 Trigonometry
ME100 Mechanical Engineering Orientation
MFE121 Engineering Design Graphics
PHL201 Introduction to Philosophy

AMC201 American Civilization
CHM112 General Chemistry II
CHM152 General Chemistry Lab II
MAT299 Introduction to Calculus
ME132 Engineering Digital Computations
ME142 Engineering Digital Computations Laboratory
MFE122 Advanced Engineering Design

Spring 1991
BIO110 Life Sciences
EC201 Principles of Economics
ENG104 Freshman Engineering I
MAT114 Analytic Geometric and Calculus I
PE164 Advanced Volleyball

Fall 1991
FL111 Elementary German
MAT115 Analytic Geometric and Calculus II
PE164 Advanced Volleyball
PSY201 General Psychology

Winter 1992
BIO115 Basic Biology
COM204 Advocacy and Argument
MAT116 Analytic Geometric and Calculus III
PE164 Advanced Volleyball

Spring 1992
BIO213 Principles of Evolution
ENG105 Freshman Engineering II
PE164 Advanced Volleyball
SOC201 Principles of Sociology
STA120 Statistics with Applications

Summer 1992
HIST106 Modern Western Civilization

Fall 1992
CHM111 General Chemistry I
MHR301 Principles of Management
PA214 History of Garden Art
PE161 Swim for Fitness
PE164 Advanced Volleyball
ZOO138 Vertebrate Zoology
ZOO138 Vertebrate Zoology Lab

Winter 1993
BIO230 Horizons in Biotechnology
BIO256 Microcomputer Applications in Biology
BIO256 Microcomputer Applications in Biology Lab
BIO 303 Genetics
CHM112 General Chemistry II
CS101 Introduction to Computing
PHY121 College Physics I
PHY141 College Physics Lab I

Spring 1993
FRL201 Legal Environment of Business Transactions
MIC201 Basic Microbiology
MIC201 Basic Microbiology Lab
MKT301 Principles of Marketing Management
PHY122 College Physics II
PHY142 College Physics II

Fall 1993
CHM106 College Chemistry III
CHM143 College Chemistry Lab III
CHM314 Organic Chemistry I
CHM317 Organic Chemistry Lab I
CPU311 Regenerative Principles and Processes
CPU311 Regenerative Principles and Processes Lab
PHY123 College Physics III
PHY143 College Physics Lab III

Winter 1994
BIO411 Biometrics
CHM318 Organic Chemistry Lab II
CPU312 Regenerative Practices and Technologies
CPU312 Regenerative Practices and Technologies Lab
MHR318 Organizational Behavior
MIC201 Basic Microbiology
PE164 Advanced Volleyball

Spring 1994
BIO490 Senior Seminar
CHM221 Quantitative Analysis
CHM221 Quantitative Analysis Lab
CHM315 Organic Chemistry II
MHR410 Management Policies and Systems
PE111 Contemporary Social Dance
PE164 Advanced Volleyball
RS313 Regenerative Practices and Technology II
RS313 Regenerative Practices and Technology II

Fall 1994
BIO421 Advanced Genetics
BIO450 Concepts of Molecular Biology
CHM316 Organic Chemistry III
CHM319 Organic Chemistry Lab III
CIS310 Management Information Systems
HST201 United States History
RS421 Organization for Regenerative Practices
RS421 Organization for Regenerative Practices Lab
SCI470 Cooperative Education

Winter 1995
BIO451 Molecular Biology Techniques
BIO451 Molecular Biology Techniques Lab
BOT456 Plant Tissue Cultures
BOT456 Plant Tissue Cultures Lab
CHM327 Biochemistry I
CHM327 Biochemistry Lab I
OM331 Production and Operations Management
RS422 Invent/Develop/ Implement Regenerative Systems Lab

Spring 1995
BIO310 Cellular, Molecular, Developmental Biology
BIO490 Senior Seminar
CHM329 Biochemistry II
CHM329 Biochemistry Lab II
CHM400 Special Problem Upper Division student
CHM453 Recombinant DNA Biochemistry
FN420 Food Chemistry and Toxicology
FN420 Food Chemistry and Toxicology Lab
MHR311 Human Resources Management

Fall 1999
BA520 Organizational Theory and Application in Aviation

Winter 1999
BA523 Advanced Aviation Economics

Spring 2000
BA517 Accounting for Decision Making

Summer 2000
BA514 Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation

Fall 2000
BA604 International Management and Aviation Policy

Winter 2000
BA635 Business Policy and Decision Making
BA521 Global Information and Technology Management

Summer 2001
BA511 Operations Research
MAS605 Research Methods and Statistics

Fall 2001
BA603 Aerospace Production and Operations Management
BA518 Managerial Finance

Spring 2002
BA690 Graduate Research Project

Summer 2002
LEAD630 Leadership Seminar

Fall 2002
LEAD635 Individual Development Plan

Spring 2003
LEAD636 Issues in Leadership Foundations
LEAD680 Technology and its Applications

Summer 2003
LEAD637 Issues in Research
LEAD690 Principles of Judgment and Decision Making

Fall 2003
LEAD638 Issues in Leadership Theory
LEAD775 Advanced Study of Change Theory

Spring 2004
ERDM880 Dissertation Proposal Development
EDLD6333 Statistical Reasoning

Summer 2004
LEAD756 Evaluation and Assessment
LEAD899 Doctoral Dissertation

Fall 2004
LEAD899 Doctoral Dissertation
EDLD6392 Advanced Topics in Statistical Reasoning

Spring 2005
LEAD690 Theories of Learning and Human Development
LEAD899 Doctoral Dissertation

Summer 2005
LEAD756 Principles of Effective Communication
LEAD899 Doctoral Dissertation

Fall 2005
LEAD690 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues
LEAD899 Doctoral Dissertation

Spring 2006
LEAD899 Doctoral Dissertation

Spring 2006
LEAD899 Doctoral Dissertation

Fall 2006
LEAD899 Doctoral Dissertation

Spring 2007
LEAD888 Dissertation Continuation

Summer 2007
IT571 Project Management in Industry and Technology
MA511 Linear Algebra and Applications

Fall 2007
IE535 Linear Programming
IE545 Engineering Economic Analysis
IT581 Systems Engineering and Analysis
STAT516 Basic Probability and Applications

Spring 2008
IE530 Quality Control
IE536 Stochastic Models in Operations Research
IE590 E-Work and E-Business
MET546 Industrial Applications of Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Summer 2008
IE590 Intermediate Stochastic Models
MGMT572 Total Quality Management: Concepts and Methodology
STAT512 Applied Regression Analysis (AUDIT)

Fall 2008
IE580 System Simulation
IE566 Production Management Control
IE590 Advanced Stochastic Models
IT581 Global Supply Chain Management
IE588 Safety Engineering (AUDIT)
IE579 Design and Control of Production and Manufacturing Systems (AUDIT)

Spring 2009
MGMT562 Project Management
MGMT699 Operations Management: Practice and Models
IE581 Simulation Design and Analysis
IE590 Aeronautical Ground Operations Research
IE546 Economic Decisions in Engineering (AUDIT)
IE630 Multiple Objective Optimization (AUDIT)

Winter 2009
FACD700 Instructional Use of Blackboard (ERAU)

Spring 2011
FACD702 Supporting Online Users (ERAU)

Summer 2011
AII6203 Information Assurance & Critical Infrastructure Protection (NDU)

Fall 2011
Eastern Region Blended Training (ERAU)
LDC6301 Leadership in the Information Age (NDU)
MOP6316 Measuring Results in Organizational Performance (NDU)

Spring 2012
CIO6303 CIO 2.0 Roles and Responsibiliities (NDU)
SEC6291 Cyber Security for Information Leaders (NDU)

Summer 2012
ARC6412 Enterprise Architecture for Leaders (NDU)

Winter 2012
GEN6205 Global Enterprise Networking and Telecommunications (NDU)

Fall 2013
ITP6416 Information Technology Project Mngt (NDU)

Winter 2013
GLS6213 Global Strategic Landscape (NDU)

Summer 2013
ITA6415 Strategic Information Technology Acquisition (NDU)

Fall 2014
DMS6414 Data Management Strategies (NDU)

Winter 2014
OCL Organizational Culture for Strategic Leaders (NDU)

Summer 2014
CAP Capstone Course (NDU)

Winter 2015
JPME I Orientation 2015-01-13: Section 12 (ACSC)
Leadership and Command 2015-01-13: Section 12 (ACSC)
Applied Leadership and Command: Section 475 (ACSC)
National Security 2015-01-13: Section 12 (ACSC)
Applied National Security: Section 730 (ACSC)
Warfare Studies 2015-01-13: Section 12 (ACSC)

Spring 2015
Airpower Studies 2015-03-27: Section 13 (ACSC)
Joint Forces 2015-03-27: Section 13 (ACSC)

Summer 2015
Joint Planning 2015-06-26: Section 14 (ACSC)
Joint Air Operations 2015-05-14: Section 14 (ACSC)

Winter 2016
Applied Joint Warfare: Section 440 (ACSC)

Fall 2018
Joint Military Operations: Indonesia focus (NWC)
Improving Civ-Mil Responses During Complex Crises (NWC)
Leadership in the Profession of Arms (NWC)

continuing education

Aviation Preflight Indoctrination

Helicopter Pilot (Naval Aviator #25069, Coast Guard Aviator #3414)
Auxiliary New Director Training
Command Intelligence Officer Course

Oracle Fixed Asset Training (General Purpose Property)

Aircraft Commander (HH65A)

Leadership and Management School
Civilian Personnel Procedures for Supervisors
Aging Aircraft

Aeronautical Engineering Officer Training
Jet Engine Mishap Investigation Course
Methods of Instruction
Instructor Pilot (HH65B)
Critical Incident Stress Management: Basic
Critical Incident Stress Management: Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support
Critical Incident Stress Management: Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

IS055 Household Hazardous Materials
IS240 Leadership and Influence
IS241 Decision Making and Problem Solving
IS242 Effective Communication
IS244 Developing and Managing Volunteers
IS271 Anticipating Hazardous Weather and Community Risk
IS650 Building Partnerships in Tribal Communities
IS700 National Incident Management System
Commandant’s Performance Excellence Criteria Workshop
USDA's Graduate School - Leading Change

Commandant’s Quality Award Examiner Training
Command Financial Specialist Training
IS100 Introduction to the Incident Command System
IS200 Incident Command System, Basic
IS800 National Response Plan
ICS300 National Incident Management System, Intermediate Incident Command System

Instructor Pilot (HH65C)
Leadership Corpus Christi (Class XXXIV)

Gulf of Mexico Aviation Fisheries Course

ACQ101 Fundamental of Systems Acquisition Management
LOG102 Fundamentals of System Sustainment Management
CLB007 Cost Analysis
CLB016 Introduction to Earned Value Management
CLL008 Designing for Supportability in DoD Systems
CLL011 Performance Based Logistics
SYS101 Fundamentals of System Planning, Research Development and Engineering
LOG101 Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals
ACQ201A Intermediate Systems Acquisition
LOG203 Reliability and Maintainability
LOG235 Performance Based Logistics Part A
LOG204 Configuration Management
Sustainment /Acquisition Program Systems Engineer (Aeronautical Engineering Professional Military Education Syllabus)
Logistics (Aeronautical Engineering Professional Military Education Syllabus)
CITI Human Research (Basic Course)
CON110 Mission Support Planning
CLM014 IPT Management and Leadership
CLC004 Market Research
CLC106 Contracting Officer Representative with a Mission Focus
CLM003 Ethics Training for AT&L Workforce
CLM024 Contracting Overview
CLC007 Contract Source Selection
CLC011 Contracting for the Rest of Us

Program Management(Aero Engineering Professional Military Education Syllabus)
BCF102 Fundamental of Earned Value Management
Certified Acquisition Professional (Program Manager- Level 1) [exp: 2/12/2013]
CLM012 Scheduling
CLC013 Performance-Based Services Acquisition
SAS Programming 1: Essentials
VMetric Training
HSAC201A Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part A
Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) Initial Training
SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

Basic Microsoft Access Training (College of Albemarle; 2/16/10; 8hrs)
Business Case Analysis (March- 2 day course/ 6 hours)
Joint Logistics Training (Fort Lee, VA: 6/13/10:, 10 day course [80 hrs]
Advanced Contracting Officer Technical Representative Training (Nov 29: 1 week)
EagleVision Master of Skills

IRM101 Basic Information Systems Acquisition [CEUs 3.5, 35 CLPs]
ALC Contracting 101 [3 CLP]
Certified Acquisition Professional (Information Technology- Level 1) [dated: 4/19/2011]
HSAC201B Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part B [Resident 40 hours]

Agile Systems Development [CEUs 0.7, 7 CLEs]
Anti-Terrorism Level 1Awareness Training (2/10/12)
SERE 100: Code of Conduct Traning (2/12/12)
FEMA S674: Interagency Logistics (5/21/12 - 3.7 CEU)
APM250 Homeland Security Acquisition Tools for Program Management Systems (7/25/12)
CLE028 Market Research for Technical Personnel (8/10/12: CLP 4)
CLM031 Improved Statement of Work (8/10/12: CLP 4)
Certified Acquisition Professional (Program Manager- Level II: 9/3/2012)

conference attendance

Naval Logistics Symposium (Arlington, VA)
M2009 Data Mining (Las Vegas, NV)

Supply Chain Forecasting and Planning Conference (Phoenix, AZ)
Servigistics Exchange 2010 (Atlanta, GA)
F2010 Business Forecasting Conference (Cary, NC)
IBF Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting: Best Practices Conference (Orlando, FL)
Coast Guard Innovation Expo (Tampa, FL)

Interlog Winter (Tampa, FL)
Servigistics Exchange 2011 (Scottsdale, AZ) - pictures
ISM International Supply Management Conference (Orlando, FL)
Coast Guard Metrics Summit (Richmond, VA)
Interlog Summer (Los Angeles, CA)
MODSIM World (Virginia Beach, VA)
VisWeek 2011 (Providence, RI)
INFORMS 2011 (Charlotte, NC)

Eastern Academy of Management 50th Annual Meeting (Baltimore, MD)
IBM Innovation on Demand (Las Vegas, NV)

COR/INFORMS Joint International Conference (Montreal, QC)

INFORMS 2016 (Nashville, TN)

MODSIM World (Virginia Beach, VA)